As promised in our earlier post,  Aeronautics and Flying Toys for Kids – here’s another installment of flying toys for kids!

Paper Airplanes and an Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit – Double the Fun!

OK – who doesn’t have fond memories of flying paper airplanes?   I was old school – just fold up a piece of paper, no tweaking, and launch.   I first learned about paper airplane template books when our son was really young – before there was a Turner Toys in our life!  At first, I thought – why should I spend money on a paper airplane book?  Aren’t all paper airplanes the same?   I quickly found out how wrong I was!

Power Up Airplane conversion kit

Power Up Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

The really cool thing about the paper airplane book that I bought then – and the one we carry now – Whitewings Hotshots Paper Planes – is that the airplanes you make have a super sophisticated aeronautic design with great graphics.  These planes fly far and straight and can be tweaked for maximum performance.  Plus, after you’ve used up the sheets in the book, you can still use the templates with any good quality copy paper (20 lb 8.5″x11″ sheets).  Add your own colorful graphics.  This is a great activity for families and children 4+.

Whitewings Hotshot Paper Airplanes

Whitewings Hotshot Paper Airplanes

When Peter was at Toy Fair 2013, the best product he found was the Power Up Power Kit for Paper Airplanes.  It’s the world’s first electric-powered paper airplane!  You make a paper airplane that flies well, clip on the power module and your creation can fly for 30 seconds or more.  Unlike most other items from Turner Toys it does require batteries but we think it’s well worth it in this case!  Here’s a link to a video showing how to assemble it to your plane and another video showing how it flies.

Insider tip: Make sure your airplane flies straight with the power module attached before charging the motor. If it doesn’t glide well without power, it won’t fly well when power is added. Use outdoors only when wind is 5 mph or lower. Ages 8 + up.

So, how about putting the 2 products together to double the fun?

What was your favorite paper airplane experience?